CenDuct HDPE Communications Duct Pipe

Centennial Plastics offers CenDuct HDPE Communications Conduit.

The ideal innerduct for the communications market.

CenDuct is Centennial Plastics’ Conduit made specifically for telecom, power, and cable markets. This quality HDPE pipe offers superior corrosion resistance and tensile strength. Due to its flexibility, CenDuct is easy to install, making it an ideal conduit for HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) installations.

Available in 3/4” to 6” sizes with multiple color and striping options, CenDuct is manufactured in accordance with ASTM F2160. The HDPE used to make CenDuct meets ASTM D 3350. 

Benefits of CenDuct HDPE Conduit:

  • Lightweight and flexible long lengths allow for easy installation.
  • Offers optimal cable protection from rock and root impingement.
  • Resists brittleness from age and cold weather.
  • Is high-stress crack resistant and has a 30% lower coefficient of friction than PVC.

CenDuct product features & options:

  • Available from 3/4" to 6" with or without pull tape.
  • Sequential footage markings and custom prints available.
  • Multiple color options to suit every market.
  • Paralleled reels available.
  • Product is manufactured in accordance with ASTM F2160 and resin used meets ASTM D3350.
  • All diameters are IPS, OD controlled and compatible
    with heat fusion.
  • CenDuct comes with a standard 1-year warranty. 

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CenDuct HDPE Conduit

CenDuct HDPE Conduit

Primary Use:

  • For telecom and fiber-optic, nonpressurized applications.
  • Mulitple color options to suit every market including telecom, power, and cable.
  • Available in ¾” – 6” diameters.


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